Does my Droid Incredible need a screen protector?My droid incredible DOES have a screen protector, and the protector does have alot of scratches on it.

However my friend who is on AT@T just got the Droid Aria, and told me the it didnt need one because the screen uses a new glass.
I know the HTC made the incredible and the Aria, and at approximatly the same time. The phones are complete equivilents except for small difference for exclusitivity issues.

Do I need the protector, or does the screen on my droid the same as the screen on his Aria, thanks.

Bull. There's no such things as a touch screen that's indestructible. I use the cheap stick on ones on my Nexus One. When they get nasty looking, I rip the old one off, cut a new one, good for a few more weeks. A package of them costs about five bucks.

Trust me, the first time you take the phone out without something protecting the screen, you're going to drop it, or your keys are going to maul up the screen.

Keep something on it.

All touch screen phones should always have a screen protector or shield on them.

Monobook Sir
it's nice to have, but not 100% necessary.

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