Can someone explain exactly how winning a major race such as the Vuelta a España works?I understand that the times of each rider over a certain amount of stages are added together for a total, but apart from announcing individual names as riders finish I always hear commentators state what team they're from (be it Leopard Trek, Liquigas, HTC High Road, you name it). What is the significance of their team? Is there a winning category for teams as well as individuals?

no they do that because not everyone can compete in a stage race, you have to be in a team(leopard trek, htc high road, etc.) so its kinda like their identity. but some races have team time trials and in those its the team that matters not the individuals.

John M
Cycling is more of a team sport then people realize. There are members that drop back to get water and bring it back to their team mates. The rider in the front is doing most of the work by pushing the air out of the way. The riders following ride in their wind shadow and can get by with using 30% less energy. The team takes turns at the front and tries to keep their team leader fresh. You will usually see the team with the GC leader at the front of the peloton setting the pace. There is a team category but you only hear about it at the end.


Every day is a new stage. And every day there is a stage winner. The cumulative winner in time 'leads' the race, and wears a leaders jersey. Other competitions include, sprinters, climbers, and best young rider. There are also team awards for most placings. In some races, there are team time trial stages, where the teams compete as a unit.

Cycling is, contrary to popular belief, a team sport. With so many competitions going on, each team needs specialists in each category. They also need teammates to ensure victories by assisting in implementing race tactics.


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Orignal From: Can someone explain exactly how winning a major race such as the Vuelta a España works?