Can anyone help me Compare the HTC HD7 and the HTC Sensation 4G?I want a new phone soon. I have been eyeing the HTC phones. I noticed there are two out on the market through T mobile and was wondering if anyone had personal experience with either. Good or bad. I have been leaning towards the HTC with windows but I'm not sure if that is a smart choice. Help anyone?
Does HTC Sensation have netflix on it?

They're both pretty good. However, they will obviously give you a very different experience. HD7 has Windows Phone while the Sensation has Android. Because of this, the way the phone works are pretty different.

If you ain't really tech savvy, the HD7 might be better for you as the Windows is a lot easier to use. A lot of the features are integrated on the phone and pretty much shows everything on your homescreen. However, at this point in time, there isn't as much features out of the box.

The Sensation is pretty much faster and offers more flexibility and features (more control over your phone). Also, there are far more apps on the Sensation. But, it's not as easy nor as smooth as the HD7. HTC is advertising this as a multimedia smartphone as the phone's screen is good for watching movies with and the speaker is quite good as well. Even the camera is better.

I pretty much believe either is fine. I've tried them both and know how they work. But, it's your decision on which phone to get. I think you head down to a T-Mobile store and try the phones out yourself (it able to). The one you enjoy more, should be the one you should get.


You can pretty much download the Netflix app from the Android Market (app store) for free.

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