Unlocked smartphones Question?

Posted by 70sfamily | 12:59:00 AM

Unlocked smartphones Question?I currently have AT&T. If i were to purchase an unlocked smartphone, like an HTC, would AT&T automatically add on a data package charge to my phone bill??
-Thanks Whit

Yes, if you are purhasing the Data for the first time. Hope I helped!

red man
Well the "HTC" Cannot be from sprint or Verizon because they are on a different database but if you get a T-Mobile or lets say an at&t unlocked phone yes you could use it and no they will not charge you for internet but it would be point less because with a smartphone like that you want apps YouTube and Facebook and you need internet for that.

Dylan W.
You could buy any unlocked phone that is "GSM" technology as long as it's not AT&T branded, and they won't add a data plan! :) If it's AT&T branded they will figure it out and add a data plan, if it's say a T-Mobile phone, or one from Europe, then they won't! You however could not use one from Verizon or Sprint, as they both use "CDMA" technology. If you don't want a data plan just find a non-AT&T GSM smartphone! :) I suggest a Nexus S, HTC Sensation 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, or HD7 (T-Mobile Verizon), which you can look for on ebay :)

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