STUFF: HTC Ozone review

Posted by 70sfamily | 8:26:00 PM

This phone is great. It has so many amazing features and you can change the home screen and the colors the way you want it. This phone has a wide range of color themes and sliding panel themes. It also has internet and bluetooth compatability. the blinking light is very handy when your hands are already busy, you can just see the blinking light and know you have a pending message, email, etc. I recomend this smart phone to any smartphone user, whether you are new with smart phones or you have had one before. The only problem i have with this phone is that you can't text during a call. Other than that the HTC Ozone is very great. Thank you for reading. RATE! COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE! Excellent OEM replacment or spare battery that is compatible with the HTC Ozone, the HTC imagio, as well as the HTC Touch Pro 2. 1500mAh
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