Seidio Ultimate Screen Guard for HTC DROID Incredible, 2 Pack (Crystal Clear)

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  • Retains your touch screen's sensitivity. Maintains your screens optically clarity
  • Covers the screen, including the home, menu, back and search buttons with a cut-out for the speaker
  • Good surface hardness with a 3H hardness rating. Made from high grade Japanese film
  • Specialty cut allows for easy installation without the hassle of adhesives
  • Designed precisely for your device for a perfect fit. Only 0.1 mm thin
  • Designed specifically for your device for a perfect fit to protect your screen, sensors, and buttons
  • For use with: HTC Droid Incredible
  • Includes a lint-free cloth and smoothing card for easy application
  • Made with high-grade Japanese film
  • Only 0.1mm thin with good surface hardness rating at 3H

Protect the most important part of your HTC Droid Incredible with our crystal clear Ultimate Screen Guard. Our screen protectors are precision-cut and are installed without adhesives to help retain optical clarity and touch screen sensitivity.

Seidio Ultimate Screen Guard for HTC DROID Incredible, 2 Pack (Crystal Clear)

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HTC Incredible S - A Benchmark For Other Manufacturers To Try And Emulate  

Article by Thomas Whittle

The availability of the HTC Desire HD at the top end of the spectrum has definitely posed a lot of problems for HTC has it has resulted in a huge gap between the next best phone in the line-up. The HTC Desire is the next big thing in the HTC line-up, which is also going to be replaced by the HTC Desire S. It is not going to make anything better for HTC, which is the reason for the HTC Incredible S being introduced by the company in order to provide a stable phone between the two. The HTC Incredible S comes to be more than this as it is exciting in many ways.

The HTC Incredible S first of all features a screen that is in between the two phones at 4 inches. Straight away, HTC seems to have found the right solution for providing a bridge between the two phones. However, this screen will not be changing any other aspect of the popular HTC features. It will come at the same 800 x 480 pixels resolution, while the HTC Sense user interface will also remain similar. The user interface, however, is expected to get the latest version, which can also be introduced into the other phones. The HTC Incredible S will get the latest in terms of the memory as well, which is being provided by the expandable memory support to up to 32 GB. It is going to be sufficient even for a phone in this segment.

This memory will also have the capability to store the high definition videos taken using the eight megapixel camera in the phone, which is the same camera that has already been witnessed in the HTC Desire HD. No other significant changes have been made to the camera, which is a good thing as the camera was most definitely one of the features spoke of highly in the flagship model of the company. The HTC Incredible S will also be able to provide a 1.3 megapixel secondary unit for video conferencing, while it is rare for any mobile phone manufacturers to offer such a good camera as the front facing unit. It explains the amount of effort that has gone into making the HTC Incredible S more feature rich than any other phone. Especially given that this phone is going to be present in a niche segment where there are very few competitors, it is going to be highly significant that the phone appeals immediately.

The HTC Incredible S is powered by the 1 GHz scorpion processor, which is an extremely powerful processor known for handling the various versions of the Android operating system quite effectively. It is the same case in the HTC Incredible S as this phone will be having the Android 2.3 operating system. The HTC Incredible S will be available in black and red colours, while there is also the FM radio to add to the entertainment options in the phone, which is available in the UK now.

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