Nexus s or htc thunderbolt?

Posted by 70sfamily | 8:16:00 PM

Nexus s or htc thunderbolt?What I like about the nexus s is:
Good size
Always gets updadets first
Looks good
What I dont like
No micro sd slot so only 16 gb
3G Not 4g
What I like about the thunderbolt
Htc sense
What I don't like
Big bulky and heavy

I really like the nexus s but it has alot of things missing
So should I just wait and see if they come out with a 4g one with more memory or...?

Casey R
You have actually chosen two very good phones to compare. That makes my opinion a little bit bias as I am a stock google android fan. I would go with the Nexus S. There is a lot missing from it and the specs seem a bit outdated for a new developer phone but it is very fast. And being on owner of a motorola cliq, I despise this phone as it recieves NO UPDATES! so for me the updates from google are important so i would go with the Nexus. The Thunderbolt is a high end phone that wont let you down either. personally I dont like HTC Sense, but a lot of people do so that is also opinion. What it really comes down to is updates and memory card. The thunderbolt will receive the updates (HTC is good about that) but just not as quick, if that is not a big deal for you go for the thunderbolt, if it is go for the nexus. If you absolutely need the extra space go for the thunderbolt. If you like htc Sense like you said I would again recommend the Thunderbolt.
Bottom line: I would go with the Nexus but YOU should go for the Thunderbolt personally

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