DK and I made an interesting discover with this HTC phone we were playing. Out of curiosity, we tried to plug in an ordinary mini USB cable into the port (don't worry HTC, we're professionals, we know how to measure ports and not force something into a whole if it's not meant to...), and without any difficulty at all, as if it was designed to, the mini USB cable plugged right into the port, providing both power and data! Hmmm.... The ultimate convenience for people on the go. The extra USB port allows you to simultaneously charge a second device (extra USB date cable required). This package includes a car adapter and a detachable Micro-USB data cable. Part Numbers: 99H10129-00 / 99H1012900 / 79H00101-00M / 79H0010100M
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HTC EVO 4G Sync & Charge USB Cable

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  • Uses USB connection for power source.
  • No need to bring AC Adapter and cradle during travel.
  • 1 Sync-Charger for 2 functions, save space for your home and office.
  • Light Weight, compact, stylish, convenience. 3 feet long.

The HTC EVO 4G USB Sync and Charge Cable is the most important cell phone accessory to buy if you want to get the most out of your smart phone or portable media player. You can use this sync cable to connect your HTC EVO 4G with your desktop or notebook computer and charge the battery at the same time. Buy the HTC EVO 4G Sync and Charge Cable if you need a replacement for your original sync cable or just want to have a backup handy. Combine the USB Sync and Charge Cable with various adapters for

HTC EVO 4G Sync & Charge USB Cable

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Orignal From: HTC's ExtUSB port is just a mini-USB port?