htc evo extended battery life?

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htc evo extended battery life?i'm curious to know how long a 3500 mah battery lasts on an htc evo 4g. i use it for internet browsing and messaging, maybe four to five 10 minute calls. anybody?

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I have the one from Sprint the $ 60 one and its only the 2600MaH and I just got it today I used it all day from 2:00pm when I got it until 2:00am right now as I'm responding on it at 2:00am that's 12 hours of use and it still has 40-50% battery I was on face book al day, emailed, browsed the internet off and on all day talked for 2 hours on it and had my 3g on all day normally I would turn it off to save battery but ran it all day. Now I actually enjoy my phone A LOT MORE and it isn't dead all the time. With my old battery it would last 5 hours. I'm a heavy data user and the 2600mah is amazing I can imagine the 3500mah would be even better but maybe not since the one I have was built by Sony and sold exclusively to Sprint. But I love it.. completely with $ 60

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