3-Pack HTC EVO 4G Sprint Combo Mirror Screen Protector for HTC EVO 4G Sprint

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  • Expect better quality than any other screen protector.
  • Shield against dust, scratches, and waterproof.
  • Ultra Thin and 100% transparent. Invisible protection for your phone.
  • Custom Design to fit you phone perfectly.
  • This product protects your HTC screen against scratching, scraping and abrasion.

Combo Includes 3 x New LCD Screen Protector New LCD Screen Protector Protect your Cell Phone's LCD screen against dust and scratches and eliminate glare Designed for perfect fit with the LCD screen Offers tough, durable, transparent surface while keeping the LCD screen clean and unscratched Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed

3-Pack HTC EVO 4G Sprint Combo Mirror Screen Protector for HTC EVO 4G Sprint

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Features and Accessories of the HTC Evo  

Article by Curtis Snyder

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The next HTC Evo Proceed case buying tip to be followed is to choose a case that includes a good feel. The feel of the situation may not seem really important but if you buy a slippery case you may be prone to dropping them, which could lead to unnecessary problems on your phone. If feasible, you should ask to look at the case out of your packaging before you purchase it so that you can feel the material and even rub it your phone. Or if perhaps, you have to get online, you can read the customer review. You may well read the specification of the case to see the material in the case. You should take into account how the case feels on your hand and how bulky it is in your pocket. The case really should be specifically designed for HTC Evo Shift. Evo Shift is a feeling screen phone with a slide keyboard. The case you buy should be well manufactured for a slide keyboard. Once sliding keyboard, it you need to be slided smoothly without making any scratch on your Evo Shift. The last tip is choosing the truth you like. Normally, this will be first thing that everyone takes into her or his consideration when he or she decides to buy a case. Anyway, I put this inside the last thing to be looked at because the major purpose of the case is to safeguard your HTC Evo Move about.

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