White Rubberized Protector Case for HTC DROID Incredible 2 ADR6350

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  • Personalize and protect your cell phone with this stylish faceplate protector cover case.
  • Made of durable plastic with surface coated with rubberized texture for increased grip and handling.
  • Protect from scratches, dirt, oil and other elements.
  • Have openings for volume, side buttons, camera lens, charger ports, speakers, etc.
  • No tools or instructions needed to install; just snap on/off.

Express your unique style with a snap-on cover from our store. Protect your phone from everyday use, while providing your own custom look. They are easy to install.

High-Quality, durable plastic cover with a rubberized outer finish, making your phone easier to grip and handle. Affordable - Purchase additional covers to easily change the look of your phone. Protects your phone against dirt, scratches, and normal wear. Brand New in Packaging.
Installation: No tools needed! Simply sna

White Rubberized Protector Case for HTC DROID Incredible 2 ADR6350

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Product Review: HTC Droid Incredible Extended Battery  

Article by Mobile Maiden

Smartphones are battery vampires. Does your Smartphone battery die out after half a day of use? Does your charger cord feel more like an umbilical cord? Cheer up. There is a very practical solution to your problem. Buy an extended battery for your Smartphone. Of course it will make your phone a bit heavier and thicker, requiring an extended battery cover as well, and your gel case will no longer fit, but reviews of the Smartphone extended batteries show the trade-off is well worth the little inconveniences.

The Droid Incredible Extended Battery will give you nearly double the charge life of the standard battery. The standard battery is only 1300mAh. The Droid Incredible extended battery is 2500mAh. I don't know about you, but I think HTC should have made the Droid Incredible with the larger battery as the standard battery. The Smartphones really use up the battery juice with all the apps running. Sure you can do some triage for that battery usage, (see my blog Tips to Extend Your HTC EVO Battery) but the bottom line is that HTC should have taken better care of its consumers in the first place.

Reviews of the Droid Incredible extended battery are mostly positive. As I mentioned, there are some inconveniences like the fact that your case will not fit over the extended battery bulk. It does make the phone thicker and heavier, but it's a big phone already. Quoting one review, "Works fantastic! Definitely for heavy users! It can last me 2-3 days with light use. Easily 1.5 days of heavy use, logged into and refreshing various apps, Gtalk, GVoice, and constant SMS, MMS, with calls thrown into the mix. Very happy with battery and new battery door. Remember, bump charging gives you true full charge." Very few of the reviews were negative, and then most of the negative reviews were about the size and bulk. Personally I have a Droid X extended battery and love it. I did find a leather case for it but for the most part, I just carry it in my pocket. I love being able to go a day and a half without charging it, and I'm a fairly heavy user.

Not sure you want to sacrifice the sleek beauty of your HTC Droid Incredible for more battery charge? Then be sure to keep a charger close at hand or buy a spare battery and keep both charged so you can switch them out. There are always solutions.

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