Otterbox 08-2324 Commuter Series Hybrid Case for HTC Sensation - 1 Pack - Case - Retail Packaging - Black

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  • Access to all buttons and features
  • Includes a self-adhering protective film
  • Durable silicone skin
  • High-quality polycarbonate outer shell

Fits HTC(R) SENSATION 4G; self-adhering clear protective film; durable silicone absorbs bump & shock; polycarbonate shell protects from impact; access to all side button features; silicone plugs allow access to all ports; open access to camera & flash; sound pathway for all speakers & microphones; includes cleaning cloth & installation card; black

Otterbox 08-2324 Commuter Series Hybrid Case for HTC Sensation - 1 Pack - Case - Retail Packaging - Black

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HTC Sensation Brings A Huge Interest Into The Gaming Mobile Phone Industry  

Article by Thomas Whittle

As its name suggests, the HTC Sensation is one of the most sensational phones that has been launched in recent times by any manufacturer. Along with the Samsung Galaxy S2, it is one of the very few phones that can actually challenge the iPhone 4 for the supremacy in the mobile phone industry. So far, there has not been a mobile phone with so many features as the HTC . The most interesting aspect of the HTC Sensation is the fact that it is right now available in the market today in the same way as the Samsung Galaxy S2. This not only ensures a three-way tussle in the market, but also make sure that the best phone wins, in this case the Sensation.

The phone offers 4.3 inch touch screen display, which is certainly not new for HTC phones, as it has already been seen in the HTC Desire HD. However, one of the main complaints of the HTC Desire HD also lack of popular resolution within the display, but this has been corrected in the Sensation. The phone offers a massive 960 x 540 pixels of resolution within the display, which actually renders it much better than the display of the iPhone 4. Even though the iPhone 4 can claim to offer a slightly better resolution of 960 x 640 pixels, the size of the display ensures that the advantage stays with the HTC phone.

The Sensation has overall dimensions that are very pleasing indeed. In terms of thickness, the phone measures 11.5 mm, which is actually very good in comparison with the same segment of phones. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S2 may feel a lot lighter and thinner, it is actually very brittle due to the usage of plastic materials for the body. The HTC Sensation, on the other hand, uses extremely high quality materials that ensures longevity in the phone. One can also perform drop tests on the HTC Sensation without any worry though the phone breaking. The HTC Sensation offers 1 GB of internal memory for the user, which is pale in comparison with the other high-end smart phones that offer almost 20 times more memory than the amount offered by the HTC Sensation.

However, the HTC Sensation makes up for it by providing the external memory card support, which allows you to choose the memory according to your requirements rather than pay for the extra internal memory. This convenient feature can be utilised to the maximum in the HTC Sensation, which also provides an eight megapixel camera. The presence of the 1080 p full HD video recording option ensures that not only the images look good, but the videos also look good as well. The Sensation comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor that is very similar to the presence of found in the Samsung Galaxy S2 in terms of rating. As a result, they provide the same performance when it comes to running the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.

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