I really want a good music phone. That looks good. The camera's not really important.

Which would people recommend me getting. Btw i dont want the iphone

helo pilot cfi heavy lift
don't get the 81 instead get the 91 in either 4 Gb or 8 if you like rocking music this baby will blow your speakers camera is not so bad so is the simple menu battery i use it all day long listen to about 90 files about 40 min calls text when i get home i have 2 bars left solid might not be the best slim or looking but its all stainless steel case

if you want a good music phone then just for for SE w910i.
you know why i am suggestion you this phone.. coz this phone has a separate enhanced sound chip for music streaming. n yea doesnt matter you want or you dont but this phone has a good camera too.

$ t€
Nokia N81;-)

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