I want to be able to use different sim cards since im going to be going out of the country, but i need the code to unlock the phone so diff sim cards could be used...
This is not to unlock the keyboard of the phone, i want to see how to unlock the phone so different sim cards could be used.. i know there is a code but dont know what it is..

usually the unlock codes for phones are 0000 or the last 4 digits of your phone number. if you cant get it that way call cingular and ask them. they can help.

Actually, Cingular will not unlock your phone... you need to get unlock codes from a 3rd party... try googeling it, there are lots of online companies that can do it for you for a nominal fee, or take it to your local phone repair shop.

I have a SE W600 and did get an unlock code form my Cingular rep - I haven't worked out how to use it yet. If I put my SIM card in from another provider it is supposed to prompt me to put the code in.

Any ideas?

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Orignal From: Whats the code to unlock a sony ericson W600 from cingular and the code to unlock nokia 6682?