Bakhtiar Ahmed
Both of them are almost the same thing, running on the same S60 platform however the N82 is a little better and has a few extra features such as a 5 MegaPixel camera compared to the N81's 2 MegaPixel.

!!!go to link :,8/
N82 is rated at rank 1 and got 1000 points by top rated and trusted site it has expert as well as users reviews hope i have helped u
wheras N81 has gor 950 here is the link:,8/

GO FOR N82!!!

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I've been buying Nokia cell phones like all my life ,hhh...
i never liked the N82..
it actually depends on your taste if you like the slide kinda phones like the N81 , or if you like it practical like N82..
it's all up to u since Nokia phones r nearly exactly the same from inside.. ;)
what ever u chose just enjoy it ;) ...

N82. they both have wifi, HTML browser, GPS, bluetooth, microSD card slot, 2.4" QVGA screen, and both is Nseries.
N81 is a slider, N82 is not, N82 5mp, N81 2mp, N82 xenon flash, N81 intergraded flash, N81 8GB, N82 support upto 8GB microSD card. so, N82, and i feels nice, i mean it newer.

N81 is a gud choice if ure looking 4 gud music,speakers etc.and if ure not too much into the camera like me which isnt too bad tho.n its got a slider and isnt exactly expensive

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