does w910i has a bigger screen than the w760 walkman phone?
what phone among these 3 supports wi fi?

The sony ericsson w580i is the best. I hate all of those phones.

Try N82.

All 3 are good phones.. Will tell you the positive points of all 3 phones.. Then you choose the one that fullfills your requirements the most.. Ok..

A) Nokia N 81-
1) Good looking
2) Comes with a 2 GB card
3) All basic features like Wlan, GPRS, Modem, Bluetooth, USB, 2 MP camera
4) Supports MP3. MPEG4 format..

B) W 760-
1) 40 MB internal Memory
2) Comes with 1 GB card
3) Edge Technology(N 81 does not have it)
4) Infrared(n 81 does not have)
5) Excellent camera of 3.15 Mp
6) Walkman player for music.. What else you want.. Its the best.. Nokia can never compete with the music quality.

C) W 910-
1) Awarded the best phone of first quarter of 2008
2) All basic features included like bluetooth, 2 MP camera, expandable upto 2 Gb etc..
3) Nothing more than w 760..
4) As compared with N81- Walkman player, Edge..

Now to your question..
No the screen size of both 760 and 910 is the same..

N 81 supports Wi Fi.. Not sure bout the Sonys..

Personally dont buy Nokia.. Buy either of the sonys..


Sony ericsson w760 is the best, but its coming out in June.
Sony ericsson w910 is pretty much the same is the w760 except it doesn't have all the w760's feautures. The w760 also looks better.
Nokia n81 is awesome (in my opinion) too.

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