I have the 6230i for 1 and 1/2 years now and It still work fine. The joystick on 3230 is quite unreliable in time. Also the 3230 uses Symbian OS so it can crash sometimes.

The 6230 has more memory, more battery life, changable

faceplates, data compatable, text messege templates, and

expandable memory.

The 3230 has everything but these features. Meaning it sucks.

If u need to see for yourself visit the website in the sources colum.

Hi tipu, d 6230i is so much better than d 3230i i all aspects except maybe (and this is so that d 3230i gets a consolation) d screen size. d 3230i screen i have to admit is quite a bright one so pictures "appear to be of high quality",kinda like "d more u look..."but 6230i defeats d 3230iin sound quality and d fact that it can last longer than 3230i,also (and people would want to disagree) d camera module resolution of d 6230i is better than 3230's (u'd be surprised what 0.1pixel difference in resolution can have on picture quality).

go 4 d 6230i aight,cheers.

6230i cause it's a larger #

I think 3230 is better then 6230i bcoz 3230 have a symbian os, you can install many symbian softwares in it, that u can't do in 6230i.

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