Updating Nokia N80 Firmware (3 UK)?

Posted by 70sfamily | 12:11:00 AM

I have a Nokia N80 on 3 UK.
It is out of warranty but keeps on crashing. I have tried to update the firmware on Nokia Software Updater but says I have the latest firmware (3 must not post their firmware on there cos mine is v4.0623.0.41 which is a really old version.

Is there any way I can get a newer firmware on there, as carphone warehouse (3's agent for firmware update) are trying to charge me £45 for it.

I was hoping I could download the newest 3 firmware and then upload it to my phone via my data cable.

Cheers in advance

~Little Andrew~.
You probably solved your problem by now,but if you can download the newest firmware and upload it to your phone,what where you waiting for.

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