wat i mean the gold plated connector inside n95 and the batyery.it is not switching on.wat might be the problem.pls i need help pls
i already removed the paper and switched it on,it is not switching on

try taking the paper out between the connections...

If there is a peice of paper blocking the connection between the battery and the connector, then take it out! It's preventing your phone from being able to connect to the battery, so it won't be able to turn on.

your not getting a true connection

Brad H
take the paper out. It is not letting the current flow. Manufactures often ship electronics like this so the battery does not go dead from the time it is made and the day you buy it. Also do not let your friend around your phone again.

Tina T
Why would your friend do that...smack him and then take out the paper! You may also need to remove the battery and clean it off, making sure there is no dust or anything from blocking the connection.

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Orignal From: one of my friend put paper between the battery and connector inside my nokia n95 and it is not switching on?