Nokia N81 8GB or N95 8GB?

Posted by 70sfamily | 6:18:00 PM

is the N95 REALLY that much better?
i mean i understand the quite substantially better camera and GPS but to be honest 5 and 2mp cameras dont have that great a difference to warant £100 (im trying to decide what to upgrade to on contract- N81 8GB £155 and N95 8GB £240)
can you play movies on the 81 like with the 95?

I can't really compare because I only have the N95 8GB but I want you to know that the N95 8GB is an absolutely brilliant phone, I love it... you can record video at 30 frames per second and it is DVD quality picture. I watch films while on the bus to work, listen to mp3's whilst jogging and I've downloaded google maps which seamlessly integrates with the built in GPS so you can see a crisp satellite picture of exactly where you are. I wont tire of this phone for the duration of my 18 month stretch... well, until the N96 is released.

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