Nokia N81 8Gb now or N96 later?

Posted by 70sfamily | 6:14:00 PM

Should I wait till Q3 to buy N96 or simply buy N81 8Gb today?
I'd like to wait, but i want to see your opinions.

i asked myself the same question and decided....

wait for the n96 its got a bigger screen
and if you tie yourself into a contract now for the n81 and then you see the n96 and want it more your screwed
personally i favour a bigger screen on a mobile but they are essentially identical, i have the n95 8gb which is dated now but i love the dual slide thing the n96 is going to have im not sure if the n81 has this

mind you im really waiting for the n98 if the iphoneish images are real

Hey, I think you should wait. The fact of waiting and looking forward to things is underestimated these days, it holds strong powers in which sometimes are better than what you are actually waiting for.

Wait til Qtr.3 because you seem patient and you should use this quality, in which rare, as much as you can. You'll save money, time, frustration, and an obsessive build up of technology a lot of us hold.

But know that there will always be something better in the future. But the differences between the 81 & 96 and worth the wait. Wait it out. IF it was a few yrs down the road, get the 81 now, but it isnt.

Good luck,

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