Hey I bought my Nokia 6233 around 6 months ago still in warranty. It turns off and restart by itself with FULL battery. And it says charger not supported HEAPS when I try charging it. I have to wait overnight till it might start working again.
I have another phone lgu8138 for the time being.

Is it the battery playing up? Should i get a new one
I am going to send to nokia soon but they take like 4 months to return it lol!!!
I have tried updating the phone and stuff like that also done a restore factory settings thing and still played up.

Thanks, Dillon

nokia as been known to do that what you should do is let the battery get to one to two bars and then recharge if this does not work upgrade to a motorola

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Orignal From: Nokia 6233 Mobile Phone Restarts, Turns off, No reception and the sound stuffs up. Is it the battery?