I need to tansfer images from my Phone to the PC.
I've installed all the software and hardware needed from the CD.
i transfered the data (or so it said) yet there is nothing there.

When i go into the folder it has 1 file which ends with .nfc
when i click on this it starts transfering data back onto my fone.

whats going on??

i need help BIGTYM!! this is an URGENT matter as i need to send some pictures of my smashed up car to the solicitors PRONTO!

oh,and infra-red option on the software doesnt work. i've tried it.

I'm gna lose points for this question and i'm gutted! but the first one to help (step-to-step plz as im no good with this sort of thing) will get the points.


PS: i dont know if it matters but im in th UK (just incase software or something is different ------ told u im no good with this sorta thing!)
FRIGGIN GR8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BLOOMIN WORKEDIT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! i'm so flippin impatient!!!!!!!!!!!

who do i choose 4 da points now????!!!?!?!?!!!!

when you have connected it properly, u transfer it by selecting the particular file and paste it on some folder tht you have created in it ... hope it would copy ... then you could select all the files and transfer to the system... dont go for sync, you wont get the required files ...

Every soul shall taste death
paitence is a virtue. watch and learn. im gna be paitent and u r gna giv me 10 points for best answer.
besides, u have tooo many ppl to choose from.

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