Irvin M
That's really hard

n76 i love mine!!!

helo pilot cfi heavy lift
i had the N76 for few months greta phone it pissed me off the chrome finis started to peal off so i went to the 81 better music phone better video and pics better yet is the N91 ME in *8GB world best music player loud enough to blow headset speakers

i think the n81 is the best, the n-series are better than all the other nokia phones but the n75 and n76 are flip (the n75 is not very good) and the n76 is not neither (it has many problems), if you are going to pay a n81 its a new phone now, so its still above 500 dollars, you need to wait until march to pay one for 350 or so....

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Orignal From: I've checked all specifications but still i want to know from a user, whish is best Nokia N81, 5610, 5700, N76