I'm looking at the Samsung t439, Nokia 6103, Motorola RIZR, and Samsung Beat. Thx!

Jose V
Nokia often gets the best reception dont get the samsungs their bluetooth is nearly impossible to use most of the time. The RIZR is okay but most motorola phones damage quickly

Amy G
ive been using the samsungs for a while now and find them to be quite reliable. the rizr's ive also heard good things about....they are durable, unless you are one of those ppl that use them non-stop, then i dont think anything lasts that long! good luck

Either the t439 or RIZR. They are very good fone, with some flaws unfortunately. The RIZR easily pick up fingerprint on its screen and didn't take quality pix with its 2mp camera, an the t439 only have 65k display.

But both of them have good things: RIZR have good quality display and music player (also comes with micro sd card and usd cable) T439 is sleek and slim with decent features

I would personally pick RIZR

Umar S
dont get any moto phones. they suck. did you check on wirefly.com or letstalk.com you can get good stuff there for free

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