Can anyone provide me a virus that can erase memory (including numbers/video and pics) on N79? I will pay. My mail
Thanks guys. Just so that there is clarity. Its my own cell phone which is stolen. There are some confidential details on it, that I want to erase. Thus I am looking for a virus that I can send to my phone which can erase the data on the set

Mr Sid
all you need to do is a factory reset, and reinstall firmware, why ask for a virus?

Da Sna - Ke
You can delete numbers, pics, videos, and music manually. its time consuming but its free!

You can do a factory reset but that doesn't remove everything. I have done factory resets on my phone and I still had all my pics, videos, and ringtones.

You could always flash your phone's BIOS but without the correct version to flash it with, it could cause more complications.

You do realize that even if someone wrote a virus to infect a N79 and do what you ask it could cause other damage to the phone. If the virus screwed something up then you have no other choice but to flash your BIOS.

My best suggestion to you is to do the first option I mentioned. If that does not do what you want then call your phone carrier. They can assist you in flashing your phone's BIOS and firmware. Call them from another phone as you can't be on it when they do the flash.

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