I want themes for my nokia 7610 plz ?

Posted by 70sfamily | 10:12:00 AM

themes for nokia 7610 for free downloading

open Nokia's website on your phones browser u will get free themes for your phone from there!

There are hundreds of site giving free themes for s60v2 phones (7610 is s60v2 phone)..

Here are few sites...
http://www.zedge.net/themes/111/nokia-7610-themes/ (REQ. Free registration)
http://www30.ownskin.com/theme?tk=md&tv=&tt=1&tq=0&tp=1&tc=0&tm=10 (This one also requires free registration)
http://www.mmcforums.net/theme/nokia-7610-themes.html (this one too)

Just download and extract the theme's .sis files.. Transfer them to ur phone and then install the by using File Manager..


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