I can't update my nokia mobile phone.?

Posted by 70sfamily | 4:20:00 PM

I had a nokia 5800 XM and i updated it's software with this pc with the same OS(win xp).But in june 2010 i was not able anymore to update it because while installing the phone should shut down and then open but it does not open and it says "connection lost" and it says me what to do to recover it.Then i just le it with it's old version.Now i have an nokia x6 and i have the same problem and it has the oldest version of the software.Why does this happen?How should i make it work?Pls help me.

first go and uninstall the old version of PC suit then install the latest version of nokia PC suit on your pc ... and then try to update it, i hope then it will work ... and please use the original data cable :)

update yr pc suit to the oldest version and then try again. Also u can bring yr phone to an nokia operator store they will update it fast and with hack which makes yr phone quicker and better quality
Good luck

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