I bought a nokia 6102b(off ebay) to replace my 6102i that was badly damaged by my dogs and when a got the phone i installed my sim card and called my home phone, the caller ID confirmed that the cell phone worked and had my number. i started to program the phone taking old numbers out but half way through I wanted to call a friend to tell him that my phone was back in business and dialed the number(which was out of my area code) and got a white screen. the phone would not respond to any buttons, so I turned it off. Now it won't turn on. I have tried different batteries, chargers and taking the sim card out, but nothing please help.

Try taking the phone to your carrier to have them check it out.

it's dead

Basil E
go to the place where you got it
then, ask them to fix it
because I think it's already broken
and their the only one who could fix it.. ^_^

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Orignal From: I bought a nokia 6102b it worked for 10 minutes and i got a white screen, turned it off, now it won't turn on