i had put a password n den i forgot it....nw i cant open it on ma pc....wat do i do???

ehtesham h
go to a phone shop and ask them to reset the password

Mahendra P
my answer to your question you first inform me model NO after knowing the Nokia phone model no name of your 40 series . how ever I am giving you answer for UN locking your phone card .you go through following manner 1. go to setting menu 2 click setting menu. 3 it will show a list of sub menu. 4. from sub menu you select factory setting then click on the factory setting after clicking factory setting menu will show a warning message carefully read it then click it will ask you for filling up factory setting pass word by default factory setting pass word is 12345. as soon as you enter password the phone automatically the phone automatically power off then reboot. after restarting the phone and pass word problem. Please try this process I hope this proses will give your desired result.

Format yur memory card using your PC and that might help otherwise take it back to from where you've bought it and let them look into the issue.

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Orignal From: how to unlock memory card of s40 series nokia phone?