i sent mobile app/softwares to my nokia 6600 via pc bluetooth but now i want to send these to other mobile from my mobile bluetooth but no sending option is available for these softs. i tried fexplorar on mobile where send option was available but nothing happens when i ok this. pl note that i am able to send ringtones and images etc but not these softwares. any help
i tried what the second guy answered but software could not be sent via phone bluetooth

Sorry mate but I my opinion softwares can not be transfered from one phone to another & that too using bluetooth but I am not sure.

its quite easy... all u need is a software called FExplorer v1.15 or1.16... when u open it... it willl be in form of drives like we have when we open my computer.... select E:\ drive(its ur memory card drive)\system\apps\(software)... u can send movies, clips, and file format.....

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Orignal From: how to send mobile applications/software from nokia 6600 bluetooth when there is no send option ?