I have a new nokia 6500 classic and am wanting to put in the battery and sim but can's seem to get the back off it, In the hand book it just says slide and push down but afet half hour still no joy - Can you help?

Some phones are hard to slip off, my dads phone is a bit like that, you need a good grip on it and slide down, it may take a bit of effort but if i says in the manual that is slides down then it MUST slide down.
Just slide it down harder, don'tt worry if it feels like it going to break, sometimes if you go that little bit tougher it will work. it just a safety catch so when you drop it the batterydoesn'tt fall out and lose your data, ETC...

Hope that helps, =)

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Orignal From: How to open a Nokia 6500 classic phone? Please can you help?