So I'm getting the Nokia N81?

Posted by 70sfamily | 12:19:00 PM

Well after about uhm...a week after deciding haha I finally chose the Nokia N81 8GB. Before I buy it I have a few questions:

1. Does it have GPS support/Nokia maps? Or some kind of program that I can get?
2. Does it come with the TV-Out cable, or even support TV-out?
3. Does it have a full accelerometer like the N95?

Thank you! Finally, what do you think of the phone? Have you used it? Would you recommend it/purchase it? All alternatives/recommendations are welcome. Thank you!

follow this link. it talks all about it. i really hopes this helps (:

1. you can install both nokia maps and google maps, but there is no a-gps or gps support
2. no tv out
3. no accelerometer
I think its one of nokias poorer n series phones. It really doesnt do anything well. My opinion is to spend $ 30 more and get the nokia n82
5mp camera with xenon flash
full internet browser (html+flash+java+rss)
gps with nokia maps and google maps
tv out

it just lacks the 8gb internal memory that the n81 has.

I would not purchase the n81, but i had the n82, so would recommend it.

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