nokia n81 owners plz answer!!!!?

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i am planing on buying a new phone. my old on didn't do too much so i am going to get a new one. i am thinking on getting the nokia n81. i was thinking of buying the n85 or better the n96 but they are off my money limits.

i like playing games watching movies and definitely listening to music. so i am thinking on buying the n81, but i wanna know some things about it . i looked all over the web at all reviews but couldn't find ansewrs .

1) Is it easy to get on the wireless internet i have at home using wi-fi?

2) is the internet fast on the n81?

3) Can i go on facebook,myspace and java sites like youtube?

4) dose this phone have a bright colorfull screen ?

5) can u download apps. like msn messenger

6) is it easy to scroll through the web pages , because the screen isnt so big.

so plz answer only if u own the phone and acually know how it works
it will be great if u could post a video on youtube or somthig to show me (if you have the time) or else answer whith accuracy.
also if i dont get the 8gb how much memory can i put in the regular one?

Anthony W
Sorry I can't give you a any information from my personal experience. I stopped using nokia about five years ago and got on the blackberry train. But a great site for you do research with other users and get in the know is
The best site ever, all phone salesmen like I use it like the bible.

Ok, I know these types of phones and I want you to take a moment to read my answer.

The N81 is a good smartphone. See, all modern phones can now send text messages, call, watch movies, view images, take videos and pictures, play music, etc. But what's good about the N81 is that its a Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition Smartphone (S60v3). It's not your typical Motorola RAZR that can only do regular phone features as I said there.

The N81 can pick up WiFi just like a laptop can, so it if your laptop can pick-up the WiFi at home from a certain distance, the N81 (as well as any other phone) can pick up the signal.

If you are going to use WiFi, then the internet speed will depend on your internet plan at home (so if your internet is like 256kbps, then it will be the same). BUT, if you are going to use your service's internet (3G or GPRS), then that changes. If you connect using 3G Connection, you'll get the speed 384 kbps or lower, if you connect via GPRS, you'll get the speed of 48 kbps or lower.

Also, you can go to myspace, youtube, and facebook BUT YOU will be redirected to the mobile sites of these. Example is that you will be redirected to if you access from your phone. and you cannot access WAPsites from your computer but on your phone. Also, the N81 can play Flash applications in the web browser but your phone will slow down temporarily.

It does have a great TFT display with 16 million colors. Also with a 240x320 screen resolution. So I'd say that it has a great screen!

You can download applications to your mobile, and since it's a smartphone, you can get tons of apps for it. N81 has great built-in apps already! QuickOffice lets you read WORD, POWERPOINT and EXCEL Files, Adobe Reader lets you read PDF files, Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 lets you open Flash Files from your phone. That's not all, you can get Symbian SIS applications (these applications are made for S60v3 phones and are extremely better than JAVA applications).

You can also play N-Gage games in your N81! its a new way to play GREAT 3D Games on your mobile phone! Check out the site and see their games! You'll enjoy em!

>>> My conclusion, if you just want a plain call, text, music, camera phone, then dont get this phone, you'd be better off with Motorola's ROKR. However, if you want a phone that can increase your productivity and can do things that a PDA can, get this. I also recommend you checking out the N95 because of its Dual ARM Processor. It will be faster if you get the dual-core instead of a single-core processor. Also, N95 has a video card that can let you watch movies or play games even better.

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