Nokia N-Gage Unboxing

Posted by 70sfamily | 8:17:00 PM

Me unboxing my nokia N-Gage

IMPORTANT: Please skip to 1:07 to see ngage starting asphalt 4 While running the Ngage I will show you how asphalt 4 looks like in my nokia n73 music edition. Video Intro of the asphalt 4 wont work since its ram is not enough or cant process fast enough. 64MB RAM can handle the video if the processor speed is 303 Mhz(recomended) and above but the N73-1 has 259 Mhz processing speed. Minimun Requirements for asphalt 4: processor speed of 295 Mhz at least 64 MB Ram Open GL ES 1.1 (updated) for n73-1 and n73 its the upgrade to the latest firmware. Take note that this asphalt 4 is a trial. Also ASPHALT 4 NGAGE WORKS 100% in n73 ME not sure in the older n73 though. Hardwares of the n73 ME are upgraded than n73 original classic

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