Nokia Battery Charging?

Posted by 70sfamily | 6:13:00 AM

On my Nokia manual it says that -

"the full performance of a new battery is achieved only after two or three complete charge and discharge cycles."

What does that mean?
What do charge and discharge cycles mean? Please explain in detail.

Mainy I would like to know if a discharge means the battery being used up by games, calls, etc, or being used up while plugged to the charger and then emptying again.


S Loraine W
All it's saying is you will have to charge the battery 3 full times before the length of time is at it's maximum. Discharge means draining the battery. And whatever you do on your phone uses energy which in turn drains the battery. Charge it, use it, Drain the battery. One Cycle.

Charge and Discharge cycles mean a cycle where a battery is fully charged (to the point where your phone will have the fully charged symbol and full battery bars), then discharged (to the point the battery level goes down all the way and the phone even shuts off by itself and won't turn on again). But i'm sure what your manual is saying is to charge up first all the way then unplug and use your phone until the battery bar is diminished. Your phone may still be able to stay on.

Discharge can occur through anything. Games, calls, texting, or just by leaving it unplugged. It will discharge as long as its UNPLUGGED.

It will not discharge if its plugged into the charger. Unless of course the plug was disconnected from an energy source (pulling the plug out from the wall, power outage, etc).

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