Nice instruction about how to unlock a cellphone Samsung A437, C417, and other similar phones, so that it can be used with any GSM service carrier in the world. It's a Quad-Band phone, which operates on 4 different frequencies, it can be used almost in any country in the world. Enjoy the tutorial and pass it on to others.
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The unlock Code can be purchased from here: This is not a free unlocking service, It's paid service. ( Please, do not enter this code into your phone, your phone have different code ) The video was created to show: what is unlocking, how unlock works, how to enter the unlock code and so on... How to unlock LG KP501 Cookie Unlock & input / enter code These are instructions how to enter code to unlock, to unlock your Phone you need to have your own unlock code Note: The Unlock Code is difrent for each Phone don't try to enter this code into your Phone, if you enter incorrect or wrong unlock code many time the Phone will be blocked.

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