how to make n79 as a modem?

Posted by 70sfamily | 10:14:00 AM

hello there.. i want to make my nokia n79 as a modem/receiver so that i can browse to internet using my laptop (gprs,3G?).. can somebody teach me? what setting i have to change and what kind of software should i install?
i allready install the nokia pc suite..

A. Einstein
Download the Nokia PC Suite onto your computer. Then, you can use your phone as a modem. Find your phone and click on it:

If you run into a problem conecting with the PC Suite
here is the modem driver download for your phone:

Connect ur n79 with pcsuite. Click on the CONNECT tab. Then choose the modem as n79 then enter the access points given by ur service provider (go to settings>connection>access points in ur n79, if u dont know the access points). Then click on the double arrow. Done.

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