I was just wondering if any of you know if I could make a conference call. I'm using Nokia 6103. Thanks in advance.

Yes u can, that was my 1st phone, enter the phone number u don't even have to place the other person on hold by pressing a button, just tell them to hold on, press in the phone number, dial it and a list will come up chose conference, it will say swap, end 1st call, conference etc.........

Yes, you are able to this is my current phone and would be glad to help you out.

1. Dial your first number and when that person picks up tell them to hang on.

2. Dial in your second number and call it, this will automatically place the other person on hold while the other line is dialing.

3. When that person picks up, you then select Options on your left soft key I believe.

4. From there go to Conference and it will link the two calls together.

5. Congrats! Your now conference calling.

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